Time To Level Up Your Pitching Game… 
Learn My SECRET For Speaking Success!
Pitching for Profits: The Bad Bitches' Playbook to Convert Conversations Into Currency

This book is the “Ultimate Pitch Playbook” for getting what you want out of EVERY conversation with precision. You want/need new clients NOW not later? 

-- Boom, I got you covered in this book! You want/need media attention to grow your business and be introduced to brand new markets? 
-- Boom, I got you covered again! You want/need investor dollars to skyrocket your business into the stratosphere while creating your legacy? Boom, I got you covered in this book again! You want/need new referral partners, affiliates, and a network that truly enhances your net worth? 
-- Boom, you have come to the right place! Let me show you, through this book, how to turn any conversation into all types of powerful currency, not just money. 

The truth is this “Bad Bitches Playbook” is written for women who put in that work and now need the next playmaker move to gain in business what they once thought was impossible. Yes, this book will challenge you by showing you what to do before, during and after you pitch. There are no limitations, no limits, baby!

Sure, it’s great to know how to pitch. That comes with time and experience to truly master this lost art in a real-life business and career game. Just as athletes must learn different plays to handle just about all situations they may encounter on the field, you need these lessons too. I am honored to be your “Killer” Pitch Coach and prepare you for the next professional level of pitching. Are you ready to dive in?


If you would like to purchase more than one book, please contact us at precious@perfectpitchesbyprecious.com and we will create a special bulk deal for you.

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